The Second Ring

Why the name "The Second Ring?" The legend is as follows ...

In the ancient times before men were counted among the animals of God, the trees were asked 'What would be the bravest thing that a man might do, if he existed?'

The ancient oak replied ' He would make mighty ships of the strongest trees and sail upon your seas.'

The tall pines of the forest said 'He would carve bows from the sinewest of trees to hunt the wild beasts.'

Each tree in its turn replied to the question until all were heard from. Still God had not heard anything that pleased him. Finally the lowest form of life in the forest spoke up.

It was the mushroom. 'Forgive me mighty one for speaking. I have heard each of the trees speak and they say nothing because they speak of what would glorify themselves. Behold I am the least of your creations in the forest and I can only speak from my own dreams. Should you create Man he will know the first ring as I do. The first ring will be the ring of his friends, family, and neighbors. It like you, has neither a beginning nor an end.

While it may grow as mine does to encompass much, it will limit him as well as support him. His horizons will be finite, his ambitions limited, his hopes encircled. The bravest thing that Man could do would be to reach beyond this first ring and create a second ring. Like a drop of dew falling upon the still surface of a lake, the second ring would beget a third and a third a fourth even unto infinity. For it is with the second ring that man would become like you with neither a beginning nor an end and touch the infinite.'

Upon hearing this, God was pleased. 
" I shall indeed make him my own image and likeness. And I shall place you, the lowliest of my forest creations, in all the places where Man shall walk so that he might see the first ring. I shall place wonder in his heart. And with this wonder Man shall come to know that he can reach beyond the first ring." 

Welcome to the Second Ring 

A brief note about why I've included this here ...

Back in the early 80's when I first ventured 'online' one of the very first places I visited was a local BBS called "The Second Ring"  Upon entry to the site you were greeted with the above.  For some reason, that little story has stayed with me all these years and colored the reality I found online.  Both in what I received and what I gave to others. It stressed to me the importance of reaching beyond your immediate circle.  Each kind deed you do touches not only the person you help, but perhaps every person they touch as well.   So, I encourage you to lend a hand where you can ... there's no telling how many might benefit from your kindness.

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