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I've looked around and found some 3D related links I think you'll find interesting. I use the links on this page often myself so they open a new window when they open. All go into the SAME window so you don't end up with tons of windows open. It makes it easy for me to make "rounds" of favorite sites.  You might find it helpful too. If not, just close the window you're no longer using.

3D Links Have Moved - Click Here

Poser Sites mainly Poser stuff
Poser Forum FairyWoods
Morph World 2 Poser Props Guild
PoserWorld Renderosity.com
Bushi's Poser Factory
Zygote ThornWorks

Bryce Sites mainly Bryce stuff
Bryce 4 Bryce Gallery
Bryce Chronicles Bryce Tips & Treats
Brycetech Tutorials Bryce Terranoids

Misc Sites utilities, mesh objects, materials, etc
3D Cafe Chemical Studios
UV Mapper Baument's
Avalon 3D Archive My Free Stuff

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