Bryce 4 Art

Bryce 4/ Poser  Fantasy Art -  RJ '99
"Dragon Pass"
© Copyright, RJ /, '99
Designed & rendered in Bryce 4
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- First of my Dragon series -

This one is a good example of how things don't have to be complicated.
The dragon mesh is by Anton Kisiel But I didn't bother with the multiple TIF texture maps I applied a simple reptile skin texture and modified it slightly for the wings and face. A little appropriate bryce textures on the teeth, eyes and tongue and he was ready.

The runner is the standard Poser Female with a custom Bryce texture for the skin. Rather than fancy texture clothes I just applied a different texture to the chest and hips. Wouldn't work for detail but I think it did fine in this case. The windswept hair by Travler helped the motion look real.

A number of the Bryce materials are modifications of ones found at Chemical Studios
You can grab the Poser texture along with a few other freebies at my Free Stuff page.


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