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Bryce 4/ Poser  Fantasy Art -  RJ '99 Unicorn
© Copyright, RJ /, '99
Designed & rendered in Bryce 4
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- My First Unicorn -

I'm not entirely pleased with this one but, as so often happens, the render time started getting long and I quit fiddling with it. The unicorn is a Poser 4 horse morph I picked up at the Poser Forum the morph was by Jackie Lewin. The alicorn was one I picked up someplace ages ago. The file didn't contain any credits. I didn't use a poser texture as it didn't behave like I wanted. If I recall correctly, most of the plants came from the Poser Props Guild One trick I used on the sky ... a typical cloud plane didn't behave right in the distance so the clouds are just a material wrapped around a flattened sphere. You'll often finds this is a way to maintain more control on where the clouds are.


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