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"Message in a Bottle"
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Designed & rendered in Bryce 4
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- Message in a Bottle -

This is an idea I've puttered with for some time now. While I'm not totally pleased with this version, I'm not really displeased either. I envisioned a bottle with a message, far out to sea. It's almost dark but a glimmer of light catches the bottle. I suspect I'll be trying another version soon.

- Bryce tips for regular folks-

This is a good example of how things aren't always as easy as they seem.
At first I thought, what's the big deal? I'll plop a bottle on a water plane and that's that.

First tip, to get the water looking real, you'll need some rolling waves. Out at sea, waves rarely break, they roll. So create a terrain, I went with a semi-soft brush and low height. Fiddled with smoothing and worked with what I got. I duplicated it twice more and stretched the copies our for more waves. This keeps the waves flowing in the same general direction. As I was placing a bottle the front one, I made it solid.

Which brings us to the next complication. If you don't want the water showing inside your bottle, you need a hole to plop the bottle into. I went with a cylinder the same size as the bottle. I learned some lessons the hard way and next time I'll know to group the bottle and cylinder until after it's positioned. Otherwise, they don't rotate the same and re-positioning the bottle in the hole is a bugger. Once everything is in position, ungroup the bottle and cylinder. Set the wave to positive and the cylinder to negative and group them. Now the bottle sits in the water without the water sitting in the bottle.

As an aside, I had a dickens of a time finding a bottle that would work. I must have downloaded a dozen and finally ended up having to rework one. It didn't come with a readme so I don't know who to credit. If you run across a good bottle for this type of project, drop me a line.

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