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Bryce 4 Poser/  Fairy Fantasy Art -  RJ '00
"Fairy at the Window"
© Copyright, RJ /, '00
Designed & rendered in Bryce 4
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- Fairy at the Window -

I've been tied up with other web work so I haven't had much time for Bryce and Poser lately. I got the urge to get back at it and since I've wanted to do another fairy, this seemed a good excuse. I suspect I'll use the figure in at least one other project too.

- Some thanks to -

ThornWorks for the FlutterBye Wings. Without a doubt they have some of the nicest faries I've seen.

The hair used was by JeffH. This image doesn't do it justice but he does great work. You can find the NewHair5 over at the Poser Props Guild

The window and frame I built in Bryce but the curtain was from John Stallings WindowPack. You can find it at

The loin cloth was from Sphere Props and you can also find their stuff at I put the bottom two parts invisible and added my own texture but it worked great to keep from having a totally nude fairy.

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