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Bryce 4 Poser/  Fairy Fantasy Art -  RJ '00

"Crystal Fairy"
© Copyright, RJ / SecretOfLife.com, '00
Designed & rendered in Bryce 4 - Poser4 Figure
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- Crystal Fairy -

Another long dry spell for me as other web work has kept me busy. I always enjoy doing the faries so this was a welcome break.

- Some thanks to -

ThornWorks for the Poser Figure Peridot. Crystal is a modified version of that figure. Again I'll say, Thorn is the master of faries.

The skin is a custom Bryce material I designed. I think it responds to light better than a standard Poser texture. Face details I leave with the Poser texture.

Wings are from Zygote and came included when I bought their Victoria model.

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