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Bryce 4 Poser/  Fairy Art -  RJ '00

"Fairy Plucking"
© Copyright, RJ / SecretOfLife.com, '00
Designed & rendered in Bryce 4 - Poser4 Figure

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- Fairy Plucking -

This unplanned image was the result of being frustrated with too much time trying to get the fairy right for another pic I was working on. I vaguely recall the idea of plucking her from the screen and shaking her into submission. I sure with some work I could have made it better. It's just the whole idea was to be rid of that sprite.

- Fairy Notes -

This image does NOT promote or encourage harm to fairy folk.

See Window Fairy image for thanks to some of those who's meshes I used.
I used my own materials.

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