Bryce 3D Art

"The Sword"
© Copyright,, '98
 Designed & rendered in Bryce 3D

I could never decide on which version I liked better

- Bryce3 Tip -

I tried something a little different with the sword.  The original file that had a bitmap that included the detail of the handle but also had the blade.  As I think Bryce does super with metal textures, I wanted a way to keep the original handle but have options on the blsade itself. 
The trick I used was to make two swords, each with their repsective material and each with the undesired portion invisible, and then just group them into one piece. A kludge to be sure but when you want material options, it's good to know a workaround, eh?
By the way...
The sword I picked up off the web.One of the 3D sites I looked for the author's info but it's not with the file.  If you made it, THANKS !! Drop a line I'll be happy to give you credit 

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