Bryce / Poser 3D Art

3D Tips & Hints too

Here's some stuff I've done with Bryce and Poser
It's not especially good, but they are fun programs
I tend to use the better ones for my Windows Wallpaper

The newest stuff will always be at the top of this page.
Bryce / Poser 3D Fantasy Art - Crystal Fairy
Bryce / Poser 3D Art - More Fairy fantasy art Bryce4 Art Bryce / Poser 3D Art - Unicorn
Fantasy Art - Dragon Pass Bryce/Poser Bryce 4 - More Fairy Art Bryce / Poser 3D Art - Mountian Lake
Bryce / Poser 3D Art - Resting on Rock Bryce / Poser 3D Art - Dusk Bryce 3D Art - The Crypt
Poser 3 & Bryce3 Art -- Fairy Treasure Bryce3 Art -- The Desk Bryce3 Art -- The Sword
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Some Older Bryce3  Stuff of Mine
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