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This is the Old long list of links. I've moved most to the
New Links List
I don't maintain this list now so some of the links may be dead.

New Links Page of Newest links added
3D Art Links Poser / Bryce / 3D Art Links Page
Seth Links Related to Seth/Jane Roberts Material

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Misc Links  
Illuminations / Mystae Top notch site a Don't Miss in my book.
Datre Channeled Info Best channeled info I've found since Seth
Astral Projection Info & Instruction
Nikola Tesla Inventor - learn the truth
Dreams of Great
Earth Changes
Wide varity of info
Letter to God A quick, uplifting read
Francis Bacon's Essays Good collection .. great reading
Internet Medieval
I found the Medieval Law very interesting
Nag Hammadi Library Collection of thirteen ancient codices
Kabbalah FAQ Brief introduction to Kabbalah
The Hermetic Library  A collection of sites .. nice
Point of Michael Levy Author Poet Philosopher International Guru
Runes Several sets w/readings
About Freemasonry  Lots of links to info
Le Serpent Rouge discover the secret
CR+C, Confraternity of the The OTHER Rosicrucians
The Knights Templar Great info and links on Templars
The Daily Grail Good site - nice links
All Seeing Eye Research Some way out, some frighteningly real
Art Bell's Site A little something for everyone.
Whitley Strieber - Communion The UFO/Communion  writer
Is That Someone There? Unofficial Whitley Strieber site
Wolf MoonDance Home site for Wolf Moondance author The guy big business hate to see
Gesundheit! Institute Meet the REAL Patch Adams
Richard Bach's Official Page If you ever wondered what happened to this author, here's his official web-site. CURRENTLY REDIRECTS TO RB's Books
Dumb Laws Some of these are funny
I Should Be Working Cyberslacking fun
Time to Kill Central More comic relief
Alchemy Lab Interesting site. Takes a little time
Gardening Info Lots of gardening info
NativeTech Native American Technology & Art
The Monroe Institute Learn expanded states of awareness
Remote Viewing A good place to start learning about it
Disinformation Website Secrets that no-one will tell you about.  I promise you'll find something of interest here
Atlantis & the Earth's Shifting Crust Learn the true secret Very interesting theory. Great reading
A.R.E. / Edgar Cayce. Association for Research and Enlightenment
The Heritage Store Good source for books, crystals, etc
Innova Pacific Saltcrystal Lamps Commercial site but relaxing. or as they would say, 'Enhance your wellbeing effortlessly with beautiful saltcrystal lamps, nature's ancient gift.'
Philosophical Research Society Manly P. Hall's PRS - established 1937
Rosicrucian Order, AMORC Has a good bookstore. 
The Active Mind Directory Mysterious & Unexplained
Crystalinks Metaphysical & Science Links
Stonehenge Good info site.  Great Pictures!
Gnosis Archive Another interesting path
Near Death Experiences NDE & Afterlife info Large repository of Spiritual, Holistic, and Environmental Information.
The Sphinx Some secrets of the Sphinx revealed
Mystical WWW For The Researcher, The Browser, The Tourist, The Consumer and The Intrigued
The Encyclopedia Mythica Encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, and legend
Discovery Channel Online Mainstream but interesting
National Gallery of Art U.S. Fine Art Collection
The Necronomicon The Necronomicon of Alhazred, (literally: "Book of Dead Names") 
The Meaning of Life Tom Horn's articles on the nature of reality
(another) Secret of Life Site Another guy's take on the subject
Seth Related Links  
Brass Ring Book Store Good selection of Seth and other 'new age' books
Seth Network Int'l (S.N.I.) Former SNI Site. Still has some good stuff.
The Barrie Gellis Q&A Seth Column Student of Jane's ESP Class.  Super interesting Q&A.  Be sure to check this one out.
Reality Creation Very nice site.  Features Seth quote of the day
Cypresss Online Seth Pages Don't miss this one! Lots tro read here
The Sethworks Mooseum Lots of Seth stuff.  Lots of fun
New Awareness Network Inc Commercial site but a great source for books & tapes

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Eastern Path Links  
Zen Stories to Tell Your Neighbors I found the comments by readers as interesting as the stories
BuddhaNet Buddhist Information and Education Network
Bugei Trading Company GREAT place to shop for anything related to samurai.  This ain't no slouch site.  These folks are classy.  Great books, Sumi'e, swords, clothing, etc.
Cherry Blossom Gardens Japanese Gifts & Garden Ornaments
Service Type Sites  
Blue Mountain Cards Make someone's day .. Send a free card online
Consumer Information Center The one in Pueblu, CO
EPIC Electronic Privacy Information Center
Currency Converter Great for online shopping with forgein companies.

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"The gods conceal from men the happiness of death,
               that they may endure life."
                                                           Lucan (39-65 A.D.)

Ok, the links didn't fit well into categories so I just split it into newest links and the long list. There is a different page for 3D Art Specific links. Do take a little time and explore the links. You can never tell what you might run across.
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