A Letter to my Future Self

an interesting exercise

There was a chat-board where I used to hang out with some cyber-friends that was always good for coming up with something to get your mind to working. Here's one of the fun exercises and my reply. See what you think. Also see my additional note at the bottom.

The Exercise
First, invent a temporal email server.
Second, send email to your mailbox in the future.
What would you say to yourself?

Here was mine

Greetings Self

If you've forgotten how you managed to send yourself a message in the future, don't sweat it, it's not one of the important things. WHY you wrote is much more important.

You, I, we wrote to remind you of a few of the things you thought were worth recollecting should the daily wear-n-tear of time/space gave you an excuse to forget.

  • If it ain't fun, don't do it.

  • It's the stuff you don't try, not the stuff you stumble doing that you really regret.

  • THINGS aren't the important stuff. People and relationships are.

  • Read lots and on many subjects. The knowledge and experiences gained go into your pool of available ideas and you can never tell when one of them will be exactly what you need to fill in a missing piece of the puzzle.

  • You're as dead right now as you'll ever be. But don't get so hung up on past lives or future lives that you forget to live THIS life.

  • You really do create your own reality both through perception and with thought creation ... whether you think you do or not. ;-)

  • Go for walks and have great talks with your lovely bride. It does you both a world of good.

  • Trust your gut instinct and hunches. Giving yourself permission to be wrong is a good first step.

  • Dig up all those old quotes you stashed away. They'll remind you of other important stuff you know.

  • Help others where you can. The ripples it can create are magical.

  • Don't write real long messages, most folks read 7-8 lines of it at the max.

  • The pen you thought you lost fell behind the dresser.
Be well,
- RJ

Here's something that might be fun ...
If you've a mind to, write your own future self and send a copy to me via email with the subject of 'Future Self Submission'.
I'll add the best ones here. But don't be offended if I don't add them all.
Be sure to let me know if you want your email address or web-site added with your name. Or if you'd prefer your name to be withheld.
Sorry, anonymous emails are deleted without further action.

Letters Submitted by Others

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"The discovery of what is true, and the practice of that which is good, are the two most important objects of philosophy."
- Voltaire (1694-1778)

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