You create your own reality

What does it really mean?

"You create your own reality" has turned into almost a platitude. Just one notch above "Have a nice day" Unfortunately, most who use it haven't really stopped to think of anything other than a surface meaning. It seems as most use it, it should be reworded to "you CAN create your own reality" That sort of misses the point. The point being that you DO create your own reality, regardless of your intentions or awareness of doing so. It's an ongoing process and needs neither our approval nor awareness.

To keep things clear, remember the YOU is the personality of you that has little to do with any specific physical body. Through the ages the prophets, teachers and scholars have tried to make us see that we identify way too much with the vehicle (the body) and are missing the true self that tugs the strings. It's by learning more of the reality this self lives in that will hint at how the universe really works. By discovering how the self goes about it's task we stand a better chance of fitting that ability into our day-to-day lives.

Without belaboring the issue, I feel strongly that if you dig into the true *nature* of thoughts and the REAL mechanics of the creation of matter (from energy) you'll come much closer to the truth than is otherwise possible.

It's my opinion that our (individual and collective) thoughts make up the patterns available to us and that our expectations and emotional commitment determine what we actually create.
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"The self has no boundaries except those it accepts out of ignorance"
                                                           -- Seth
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