Seth/ Jane Roberts Quotes

Here's some more great quotes from my favorite personality who is no longer focused in physical reality ... 

"You get what you concentrate upon ... there is no other main rule"
"Therefore, as always, make of this voice what you choose to make of it. Make of me what you choose to make of me, but recognize within yourselves the vitality of your being. And look to no man or no idea or no woman or no dogma, but the vitality of your own being, and trust it. And that which offends your soul, turn away from, but trust yourself"
"Thou shall not violate"
"I come here because it is fun. I have fun when I come here. I do not come here because I feel that I have any great responsibility for your beings or welfare. Who am I to set myself against the innate wisdom of your own individual being, or to take upon my invisible shoulders the great privilege or joyful responsibility for your behavior and destiny?"
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"You create your own reality"
"You should tell yourself frequently 'I will only react to constructive suggestions.' This gives you positive ammunition against your own negative thoughts and those of others."

" I bid you and all a fond good evening.  Those blessings that I have to give I give you freely, and those that I do not have to give, you are seeking on your own."
All quotations are from Seth as channeled by Jane Roberts and recorded by Rob Butts unless otherwise noted

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