Letter from Seth

Dear Correspondent: [name hand written]

Ruburt has read your letter. So has Joseph. I am aware of its contents. We have no organization yet of an exterior kind, so there are no secretaries to take dictation, no middlemen or women - to write flowery, prepackaged replies.

Ruburt and Joseph, or Jane and Rob if you prefer, are private people. They also have a kind of one-to-one relationship with the universe. This particular quality means that they resist forming any kind of organization, even though such an organization might help in answering the mail. I am, therefore, dictating this letter. While it will be sent to many of you, it is written to each of you, and I only regret that I cannot go into your aspirations, challenges, and problems on a more individual basis.

Some of you have written in joy, some in sorrow. Some of you have written to tell of answers you have found, and some of you have written requesting answers. In any case, energy is being sent out to you with this letter. 

That energy will arouse in you your own abilities. It will lead you to insights and solutions that can be yours alone. It will put you in touch with the ground of your being - from which, eventually, all exultation and answers spring. My purpose is not to solve your problems for you, but to put you in touch with your own power. My purpose is not to come between you and your own freedom by giving you "answers," even to the most tragic of problems. My purpose is to reinforce your own strength, for ultimately the magic of your being is well equipped to help you find fulfillment, understanding, exuberance, and peace.

Your problems are caused by your own doubts. These doubts arise because you have been out of touch with the validity of your own existence. Let me here reinforce that validity. Let me reinforce my faith in your innate ability to find joyful acquiescence, and to rise above any problems that you have. If I presume to solve problems for you, then I deny you your own power, and further reinforce any feelings of powerlessness that you have. I know that you can grow tired, however, and that sometimes a gift of energy can be quite a boost; so, again, with this letter I send my joyful recognition of your existence - and energy that you can use to reinforce your own vitality and strength.

All mail does not come from the postman, so each of you should have your own kind of inner response from me whatever letter you have sent by mail. I serve in many ways as a speaker for your own psyche, however, so the inner message will be from your own greater being to yourself; and at that multidimensional level of reality I salute you.


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 We invite you to reflect on the following 
"The self has no boundaries except those it accepts out of ignorance"
                                                           -- Seth

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