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Here's a few more hints to help your pages look and work better.
Simple suggestions for a better web-site:

6. Put your E-Mail address on the site
Personally, I like an email link on every page but hey, I want to know what folks think or if they find something not working. If you use the mailto: format, you can make your email address clickable. Write me if your need instructions.

7. Use care selecting backgrounds
I think it's especially frustrating to come upon a good site but not be able to read it because the text doesn't show up well with the background. If you set the background color, set the text color too. Netscape has a habit of defaulting text to dark blue. Lots of folks use blue backgrounds. Therefore, lots of pages are hard to read. Make it easy on your visitors. Make the text stand out and the background not too busy.

8. Use HEIGHT & WIDTH on graphics.
Most browsers stall loading a page until the size of a graphic has been determined. If you use HEIGHT & WIDTH with your graphics, this will let it write the entire page and come back to fill in the graphics. Without these parameters, the browser has to load each graphic before it can move on to the next part of the page.

9. Make it easy to move around the site.
Folks don't always browse your site in the same order you expect them to. That's ok. :) Just add text links or buttons on each page to move easily to the other areas of your site.

10. Let some of you show on your pages.
With the tons of pages on the web these days, the easiest way to let yours be a little special is to let a little of you show through. Avoid the tendency to write pages like it were a school report. Let your personality, your enthusiasm, and your spirit show and folks will get a feel for who you are.

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